Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 6

The Quick Stats:
Days I've had Vibram Fivefingers: 6
KMs Run in Fivefingers: 7
Longest run in Fivefingers: 4km
Love/Hate? Going great...

Day after run two, and the calves are holding up...

Four kilometers is a very short run for me... in fact, I haven't done runs this short in years - but it's the recommended method for breaking in the Vibram Fivefingers. Actually - that's not quite right - I should say it's the recommended way for breaking in your legs! The Fivefingers need no break-in - there's nothing to break in, but your legs are feet are going to be working in ways that will wake up muscles that have been long dormant.

My calves were a little tight this morning, but no more so than after a really hard hill workout... and I think I'll be trying 5km tomorrow. Keep moving up slowly. It's funny, but I'm reluctant to run in my old shoes now. They even feel strange when I put them on. I fear, however, that I will have to go for a run in them soon - because even with my supplemental aqua jogging - I'm just not putting in enough mileage this way. I'm waiting for the day I can wear the Fivefingers and push out all my runs - long runs included in them.

I can't count the number of comments I've had on these so far.... mostly when I'm just wearing them around. Call me fashion unconscious, but I've been wearing them everywhere. I've heard everything from "I love your shoes! Where do I get them?" to "Please tell me those are watershoes and you're on your way to the beach?" And the looks I get when out running are priceless.

Till tomorrow,

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