Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 7

The Quick Stats:
Days I've had Vibram Fivefingers: 7
KMs Run in Fivefingers: 12
Longest run in Fivefingers: 5km
Love/Hate? Going great...

My Calves, My Calves, My Calves are on fire...

...I don't need no water let the... well, you know how it goes. Today was run 3, and the farthest run yet. 5km in the Vibram Fivefingers KSO. And man was it fun. I know I started this post with 'my calves are on fire' - and to say any different would be lying - but... they feel good too! It's much better than the first 3km run where I thought my calves would literally blow off of my body.

Today's run was a mix of pavement, fine gravel, grass, and concrete sidewalks. I have to say that sidewalks are my least favorite place to run in these, while grass is my number one choice. It's just that the sidewalks are so hard... that even the smallest amount of heel-strike is a big deal. But - in reality - maybe that's good, because I have to be sure I'm not heel striking if I'm going to continue to work with these.

Glass, rocks, roots and a nail...

Those are all of the things I've stepped on so far while walking or running. Most of these are when running, as I find it somewhat harder to avoid small things while moving at speed. Today I stepped on the nail. I hate to think of what could happen if it were sticking straight up, but it was laying on it's side on the sidewalk. It didn't hurt, and it didn't even scuff the sole of my KSO. These Fivefingers are tough!

In the wash with the socks...

Last night when I took off my Vibram Fivefinger KSOs, and the Injinji socks I wear underneath, I realized that after a couple of runs, a trip or two in the gymbag, and a few solid days of wear - they were starting to get a little funk to them. So - in the wash they went! I noticed in the little use and care pamplet that came with them that they can go directly into the washing machine - and so they did. They came out looking brand new, smell free, and no sign of problems from having made the trip through the wash. Additionally, they seem to dry quite fast - which is a big plus when compared to traditional running shoes!


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Amy said...

Great run on your vibram five finger shoes. Keep it up.